• A trusted name in
    Home Care, Staffing,
    Nursing and Therapy

  • A trusted name in
    Home Care, Staffing,
    Nursing and Therapy

  • A trusted name in
    Home Care, Staffing,
    Nursing and Therapy

Welcome to Excel Healthcare Services

There comes a time in each of our lives when we or our loved ones need medical assistance. If you or your loved ones are facing health problems, being temporary or chronic, it may be time to reach out for help. Excel Health Care Services is your number one source for in home services. Contact us today and see how we can be of assistance.

Our Passion is People

For over a decade, our company has stood out in helping families care for their loved ones by providing the full spectrum of personal and skilled care services to families throughout the state of Maryland. It is our pleasure to excel people’s lives by helping them maintain their safety, independence and dignity.
If you are interested in our services, please contact us today so that we may discuss your needs.


Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to deliver compassionate, high quality, community-based home care; to create an environment where we set our team members up for success empowering them to provide the best in home care service to the community and to provide health care staffing services to a wide range of facilities when care outside the home is needed”.

Areas we serve

  • Anne Arundel
  • Baltimore City
  • Baltimore County
  • Calvert County
  • Charles County
  • Howard Counties
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince Georges

Services We Offer

Personal Care Services

Therapy Services

Healthcare Training

Nurse Staffing & Referral

What our clients are saying

Client said she is satisfied with our services and doesn’t really have any complain but she rates us 9 out of 10 because caregiver comes late most of the time. She also said she always gets the help she needs whenever she calls the office and would refer us whenever she sees anyone in need of Healthcare services.


I want to thank your company for the service rendered to my family member. The opportunity to have a home health aide was exactly what was needed to assist my family member after transitioning from rehab as he prepared to go to assisted living. We had the opportunity to work with two aides, I can’t measure this assignment to others of the aides that served him but I am sure it was not the easiest because of the dynamics of this assignment. However, they maintain professional and supportive in the process. One brought great joy to the situation during their time with my family. I will definitely recommend your service. I greatly appreciate your customer service and management skills. Wishing you the best in your business endeavors.

T. Johnson VA Family Member

Caring for a disabled family (My husband a VA Member) can be overwhelming, Excel Health Care Services can take away some of the burden that family caregivers experience. Knowing Viola as a caring human being at Excel has lifted much of the uncertainty and feelings of vulnerability that were so pervasive initially. Now only kudos for speed of coverage and knowledge of role at excel. At this point, I cannot overly express my gratefulness for Viola, caregivers and her patient-centered focus. Thank you so much for quick respond in services and kudo from a satisfied customer and client.

Client Spouse Mrs. Gordon

Client’s daughter affirmed that caregiver has been very good with client even gets him to take his medication when she can’t, she has no complains or issue at the moment.

Family member

Client’s daughter said her Mum hasn’t complained about anything yet, that means all is good. The caregiver has been doing her job well. She rates us 10 and she doesn’t have any reason to call the office to complain of anything. Talking about referrals she said “I don’t know too many old people but if there is any need for it, she would refer us.

Family member

Client’s Mum said so far she doesn’t have any complain that she is satisfied with our services. She said everybody is doing well both the Aide and the RN that comes for assessment. Whenever she calls the office for help, she usually gets the help she needs. She rates us 10. She said for now she can’t think of any suggestion to improve our services that as soon as she can, she would let us know. She said she would refer us anytime there is a need for it and that she had referred a Client to us previously.

Client's Mum

I want to thank Excel for providing my family with wonderful caregivers. They have brought in tranquil atmosphere to my father home. We are so pleased and comfortable with their services. I will recommend Excel to friends and family.

Ms. Wonda

Excel is an amazing healthcare company that gives client maximum satisfaction. Everyone treats you with utmost respect and gives one wealth of self-esteem and self-worth

Mr. Licud

I have been very pleased with the care Excel has provided for my 46 year old quadriplegic husband. The two aides are very kind and respectful as well as well-trained. This is the fourth agency, we have worked with in an attempt to get safe care and we are very satisfied.

Dr. Sarah Poggi

At Excel, whether its reliability, first class healthcare delivery, they strive to accomplish and exceed expected goals. The culture in excel is to actively listen and work towards achieving your needs which will in turn makes my day better and happier.

James H. March

Thank you, Excel Health Care Services, for a fantastic job in providing good services to my Husband. The Caregivers are outstanding and very professional in their job. I deeply appreciate all the help I am receiving because my Husband health has improved drastically with the help of all my Caregivers: (Ms.I Ekanem, Ms. T. Emiowei, and Ms. O. Okwuoma). Thank you all so much.

Mrs. Allen

Mr. Douglas believes Excel Healthcare is on par with having someone who truly care for your health and well being tend to you. He went further to declare Excel impeccable in delivering outstanding Healthcare services. He also stated that “Nurse Aisha is very knowledgeable, patient and excellently does her job. I am well pleased with Excel”

Douglas Henderson

My mom has been under the care of Excel Health Care Services for about 5-6 years now! We’ve come a long way together, we’ve had our mishaps and many challenges but we made it through them all! Any issue or problems I had, having direct access to Viola or Patrick, gave me the assurance that things were handled quickly & swiftly! The best thing you can do when you’re in need of a company to assist with the care of that elderly or disabled family member is to always be fully aware what’s expected of everyone involved then everyone can be responsible for their parts of that person care plan! I am looking forward to another year of adequate services that this Excel Health Care Services provides!

Justine Tolson
POA/Family Advocate for my elderly mom

Client said he is satisfied with our services and doesn’t have any complain but he rates us 9 out of 10 because we made the caregiver come to the office twice for the ADLs. He also said he always gets the help she needs whenever he calls the office and would refer us whenever there is need. He also said he would like to change his schedule which he did and has been updated.


I have been working with your company for couple of years and I must say it has been wonderful. The Caregivers are on time, and they show up every day for their duty. Anytime I called the office, the staff members are readily available to listen to my concern and they proffer solutions to all the questions I asked. I recommend your agency to all that need care for their age ones and or anyone in need of care. Thank You for all you are doing in your Agency.

Mariama S. (Daughter)

Ms. Ramoni, is my brother’s caregiver who also worked with my mother before. She always arrived on time and a cheerful demeanor while working. She’s also compassionate and always did above and beyond for my brother. I want to thank her for a job well done. I want to thank Excel for providing my family with the best caregiver, MS. Ramoni. I am beyond satisfied.

Ellen Cunningham
Brother (2020)

Stella has been a dependable and trustworthy home care aide. Her help has allowed the family to relax and stress a little less in caring for Charles Butler. She is helpful and kind. She is eager to do any duties assigned. She gets along with the client and family and has been a tremendous help.

Ms. Sherdia
Client’s Daughter

My name is Mrs. Saunders, wife of J. Saunders who is your client; we only had problems with one of the caregivers. But all of the other caregivers were very very good and the most exceptional caregiver that we have and still have until Wednesday 2/16/2022 when Mr. Saunders will be moving to a facility is perfect. She knows exactly what to do, her attitude, her ability to maintain everything she did was just great; we don’t have any complaints and I’m sure Mr. Saunders will miss her and I will miss her as much. The service you provided was excellent and we will miss you guys too. Thank you.

Mrs. Saunders

I spoke with client wife (Mrs. Smith). She said, caregiver is doing a wonderful job and they are well satisfied with the services her husband is receiving from Excel. She also said that, caregiver (A. Adebayo) has been so helpful and willing to go extra mile. She is so grateful and appreciates her so much. She said she will surely recommend us to friends and family in need of home care services.

Mrs. Smith

Excel gives an ecstatic atmosphere from the inception, completely satisfied with quality of services provided. In Excel, they go the extra mile to ensure that I am delighted and promptly furnish me with feedbacks when necessary. I will recommend Excel to friends and family. I deeply appreciate all the help I am receiving.

Mark Griffin

The Client commends his caregiver for a Job well-done. They were very glad that they have such a caregiver.


The best health care we have ever use. The previous health care agency has staffing issues and there was a huge communication problem. From the moment I interviewed Excel Health Care services, I knew we are in for a right choice. As a husband I wanted the best care for my wife and Excel Health Care services has worked with us to provide every possible care she needed. It is very important me to keep my family as normal as possible and Excel helps us to achieve that.
They treats us as family not another case. Their caregivers are genuinely caring and reliable. The Communication with the office staffs is wonderful. I will recommend this company to anyone who needs home nursing care for any reason.

Afam U.

Ms. Patterson is extremely pleased with the services provided by her caregiver. She stated that Ms. Rhoda ensures her safety at all times and emphasized on the good communication they have and this has resulted to a good work environment. Client is completely satisfied with the care rendered to her.

Ms. Patterson

Excel Health Care Services has managed and provided for my Mother’s, Annie Barno, health care service for the last three years and I would like to say , Thank You” for all you do and continue to do on a daily basis.
My family and I were new to this type of service, but your agency was patient, tolerate and helped us through all the trials and tribulation we encountered. The agency assigned the most efficient, trustworthy and qualified CNA’s and CMTs to work with our Mother. Whenever, I had problem, it was handled quickly. There has never been an incident report written during the entire time my Mother has been under Excel’s care.
Excel Health Care Services goes above and beyond the needs of the client, that is why I would recommend Excel Health Care Services to anyone seeking personal care service. Again, I want to say “Thank You” for all you’ve done and continue to do for my Mother and this New year find and keep us in good health. May God continue to bless you.

Beverly Davis

Ms. Mary is totally happy and highly satisfied with the services rendered to her till this moment and impressed with the quality of work. She would with pleasure recommend excel to friends and family.

Mary Jordan
Client (2020)

Client said everything is working out good. He is well satisfied with the services. Even caregivers that go in as coverage’s know what to do. Client said, has no problem reaching out to management staff; and he is satisfied with the answers and help from the agency. He said he will gladly recommend Excel to friends and family needing home care.

Mr. A. Lee

Professionalism, humility and motivates you to face your biggest challenges are some of the traits of CNAs in Excel Healthcare Services especially Ms. Timi Emiowei who goes the extra mile to make me happy. I will highly recommend excel to all my friends and family because Excel is home for Premier healthcare service delivery.

Ms. Eleanor Price