Excel Health Care Services has managed and provided for my Mother’s, Annie Barno, health care service for the last three years and I would like to say , Thank You” for all you do and continue to do on a daily basis.
My family and I were new to this type of service, but your agency was patient, tolerate and helped us through all the trials and tribulation we encountered. The agency assigned the most efficient, trustworthy and qualified CNA’s and CMTs to work with our Mother. Whenever, I had problem, it was handled quickly. There has never been an incident report written during the entire time my Mother has been under Excel’s care.
Excel Health Care Services goes above and beyond the needs of the client, that is why I would recommend Excel Health Care Services to anyone seeking personal care service. Again, I want to say “Thank You” for all you’ve done and continue to do for my Mother and this New year find and keep us in good health. May God continue to bless you.